Hello world!

There are times that I truly feel disconnected from humanity.  I see things going on the seem so obviously WRONG; things I have seen before.

Doesn’t anyone but me remember that this stuff didn’t work the first time (or was it  the 1000th time).  Doesn’t anyone but me see these things for what they really are.  That we make the same silly mistakes as a species.

I don’t want to be proven right, but most time I am.  I sit back and watch the craziness and try to think of it as very bad theater.  The “theater of the absurd”, black humor that would be hysterically funny … if it weren’t all too real.

But it is real.  It posses that kind of hyper-reality that gives way to the constant production of adrenalin.  That ultrasharp reality that you get on a rollercoaster.

Sometimes I just want to shout: “Watch out!  Pay attention!  Be aware of your surroundings!”

Before you get hurt.

Sometimes I just want to vent.

All better now.  (not)


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