What makes them so “special”?

My “bone of contention” with the MTA is the fact that they seem to be doing absolutely nothing about farebeaters.

I ride buses.

When I lived in Manhattan I rode buses as a preference, if you live on Staten Island, you ride buses because that is what’s here.

There are times when I am on a crowded bus and fewer than a third of the riders have paid.

You don’t see it as much on the subways, although the South Ferry #1 station handicapped entrance is used quite a bit by people who don’t pay.  (I was screamed at one morning by a woman who was angry because I would not open the gate and let her and her 4 kids in.)

It seems that people think they are so “special” that they just don’t have to pay.

I can’t blame the bus drivers, they aren’t paid enough to make themselves targets of potential violence.  I do blame the MTA.  This HAS been addressed in other cities; why not here?

So instead of clocks and glorified GPS systems why not turnstiles or some other method of assuring that everyone pays their fair fare.

Sometimes you actually feel stupid for paying when you are the only one doing it.


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