On Wisconsin…

The newly elected government in Wisconsin has voted; liberating the state from the having to deal with rampant public union self interest and greed. The democrats, seeing that they will not be able to hang on to their shrinking liberal/progressive voter base if they face reality; ran away and hid.
Political gadflies of all colors and persuasions come to embrace “labor’s” cause. Aging civil rights leaders, union hierarchy, pseudo-documentary makers (each with their own agenda) wade in to the fray.

I love to watch political comedy. It’s the best free show in town. (Unlike the documentary maker’s products.)
All the drama here is moot and that is what make’s it laughable, in a dark, noirish kind of way.

It has to eventually boil down to facts,

Fact number one: we are running out of money.

Fact number two: the general public does’t want (and can’t afford) new or higher taxes.

Fact number three: YOU CAN”T GET BLOOD FROM A STONE!!

So you can demonstrate, protest, sing, dance, speechify till kingdom come; it changes nothing. The salaries and benefits are unreal for the work done. (This is a fact that some will only recognize as an opinion.) The state of Wisconsin can’t pay for them anymore, there is no money.

After watching the videos; it looks to me that most of the crowd are college students who do not belong to unions other than the student kind. (This is a drawback of having your state capital and university in the same city). As a matter of fact not only are they not union members; they usually feel superior to union members and are attending school to reinforce that point.

So to them I say: I know first hand that demonstration are great fun. Radical sex is a great and magical thing. Being antiestablishment is really cool and boosts you twitter value but ultimately these things accomplish nothing. (Well maybe the sex…)

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on all you pseudo-intellectual children, going to school on someone else’s dime. Who, rather than come up with a workable solution to a problem that WILL NOT GO AWAY; ignore the will of the people (those whose dime allows you to be where you are) as voiced by their elected officials.

And further SHAME on those cowards who could not do their job as elected officials but ran to hide rather than do what they were elected to do. Hide you heads in the sand, but that does nothing to cover your asses.

The three facts remain.


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