No child left …

I am an old lady who attended school at the height of the “baby boom”. I went to catholic school and was taught by nuns. Our class size varied from a low of about 60 kids to a high of nearly 80. One classroom, one nun, passing was 80% and there was NO SUCH THING as social promotion. We took a full academic regents class load with a few extra classes thrown in.

No child was left behind!

What has changed is this new pervasive attitude of political correctness and the even more disturbing but equally pervasive attitude of parental disinterest.

Parents do nothing to make their children succeed. Notice I say “make” not “help”. Parents, by virtue of that fact that they made a decision to have children, have a job to do. It is not to be a friend it is to be a parent. It is not to say “yes” all the time; it is to say “no” when needed and enforce that decision. It is not to side with your kid when they are clearly wrong and support them against authority; it is to support the system that allows them to be educated and to improve themselves and learn to be good productive human beings. It is not to provide them with every new piece of technology; it is to provide them with the basic interpersonal skills that will allow them to achieve success without relying on outside help.
We have created at least 3 generations who have no manners and are rude to the point of violence. We have 3 generations who do not understand what it means to: be on time, wait your turn, sit up straight, be polite and watch your language,

Yes the educational system needs to be overhauled from the ground up. Yes, the teachers’ unions have to be brought into check, We must get back to basics in education. We must have and enforce standards. But the problems with the system are only symptoms of the underlying problem with the parental attitudes.

You want to have kids, then do your job as parents. The real basics are taught in the home.

One last remark, before I see the response I know is coming; I was a single parent but I knew I had to teach values before anything else could be learned. And I did.


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