Does Obama Have a “Pastor Problem?”

The problem is simple and will be reflected in any church that Obama attends.
Obama does not view religion as a way to worship and learn about God. To Obama and the preachers in question, religion is access to a power-base plain and simple.
In an interview/article that I found on the internet in 2006 (when I was first made aware of BamBam) he discussed his “conversion to Christianity.” He told the interviewer from a black Christian publication that his first contact with the Christian faith came when he was a grassroots organizer and he realized that Christian churches had been the seat of political power in the black communities. He mentioned that he came to the Black Christian church, not because of a love of Christ and the zeal that that would inspire; but for purely political motives. This political zeal is reflected in the pseudo-christian mouthpieces he chooses as his pastors


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