OK, enough is enough!

First of all the warrior in question was not named Geronimo. He was an Apache and his name was Goyaale. The “name” Geronimo came, as do many nicknames, from a classic misunderstanding of language and warring cultures.

Goyaale’s family had been wiped up, slaughtered by Spanish/Mexican soldiers acting in a move by the government of the then Mexican state to acquire land and get rid of the indigenous people.
His reaction was to seek retribution. He led bands of warriors against his enemy. He was amazingly successful and deadly. He was known to leave no survivors after a battle. His enemies died terrible deaths.

The Mexican/Spanish soldiers would realize who it was that was attacking them and start to pray for their own survival (or easy death) by calling on the name of Saint Jerome.

Saint Jerome, in some cultures was considered to be a patron Saint of the dying. He was a Doctor of the early Catholic church and wrote of the dead and dying in early church literature.

Geronimo! Geronimo! was the cry of those being attacked and facing a terrible end at the hands of Goyaale; it was NOT his name.

Americans accepted that it was his name, in much the same way they accepted many myths about American Indians as truth.

The Spanish/Mexican military killed men, women and children as noncombatants with impunity (as did the American military during the subsequent “Indian Wars”) to bring about a racial extermination that would profit them.

Bin Laden killed men, women and children as noncombatants to bring about his own planned extermination of the western people, culture and religions to profit himself and his distorted religious beliefs.

What could be more appropriate?

Those American Indians who have now adopted Geronimo as a family name have done so with a profit motive. They have chosen to make a name for themselves on the blood of dead ancestors and the mistake the hated white man. The have divorced themselves from their true names, families and tribes in doing so and deserve no respect. They do not have the standing to be offended. Nor, with the possible exception of a fairly obscure Catholic saint, does anyone else.


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