Ms. Bachmann … are you a flake?

Now, I’m not a fan of PolitiFact. They pretend to be more factual then they are and they are wrong a good percentage of the time BUT, even if they are only a third right on this list … she IS a flake!

PolitiFact | All statements involving Michele Bachmann is a project of the St. Petersburg Times to help you find the truth in Washington and the Obama presidency.

For me this list is just something to use as a reference point. I don’t expect them to be unbiased or even accurate. I am also willing to accept the fact that at times we have all misspoken or been misinterpreted or misunderstood,

The problem is that I have seen, heard and read some of this “misspeak” and what I have seen, heard and read is disturbing.

After seeing a network piece where Ms. Bachmann waxes poetic for a number of minutes about the “fair tax”; I subsequently see yet another piece where she wants a national sales tax because:”that’s the right way to go”. In another forum type interview, when asked about the sales tax; she says she has not brought the plan forward as a bill, “because they would want both” (meaning I presume both a sales tax AND an income tax). Further, her explanation of the “sales tax”, is actually more in line with the classic VAT.

I will be upfront in saying I don’t particularly like lawyers. They deal routinely with the concept of “legal fictions” which allows them the leeway of explaining ANYTHING to their advantage. I have found that tax lawyers use this concept more than most other specialities. Let’s face it, a tax lawyer isn’t considered “good” if all they do is have you pay your tax bill. They must devise ways and plans that allow you to get away with paying less. So, telling me that you are a respected tax lawyer doesn’t do it for me. Just the words “tax” and “lawyer” in the same sentence can be a huge turn off.

I won’t even go into the bit where Ms. Bachmann goes into her modesty routine where she talks about being an overachieving, super human, ultra-altruistic UberMom. But even beyond all that; (and I’m sure she has some great points); is she really electable?


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