Did Halperin do a bad?? Was it what he said? Was it the way that he got baited into saying it? Was it where he said it?

The point has been made and I agree that this is a tempest in a teapot. A tale told by an idiot … you know the lines about sound and fury signifying nothing. If Shakespeare was speaking about politics (and I guess he actually was); he would again be right. Sharp observer of the politic was old Will.

A degree in journalism is the bare minimum required today to become a pundit. That and a willingness to ignore fact and espouse a party line will get you hired. Spouting the popular opinion and ignoring the truth is how you become popular and will allow you to eventually attain a spot in the number one market in the country. Does this degree and fawning attitude make you capable of intelligent and in depth analysis of global affairs? NO WAY!

The analysts that we are speaking about here have far more education and experience than a bachelors degree. But they have long ago sold out.

To start with, the situation today is made worse by the fact that most college programs as taught today are radically biased. Facts and proven formulas are ignored in favor of political agendas. Networks and cable news outlets are driven by two things: (1) the political agenda and profile of the parent company and (2) the current tide of populist opinion.

That said, the fact that this was said on MSNBC, with its close ties to the Obama administration through its connection with General Electric; makes it far more of a news item than it would normally be. If the same exact word was uttered on ANY other news outlet; it would have been bleeped or cut or just taken as part of a conversation and let pass. The fact that it was MSNBC (considered in the business as the house organ for the Obama administration) is what is shocking.

I believe, after seeing the clip, that the statement was shocking to the other pundits on the panel, not for the word used but that it was said and they could not even allow themselves to agree. So much for any unbiased opinion on MSNBC. They rest of the group looked afraid. Scared that THEY would suffer the consequences of this “mis-speak.” But there was a silent undertone there. I think that way down deep they were thinking: boy, I wish I could have said that.

Remember that this same MSNBC has never corrected their personnel for blistering and downright vile verbal attacks on conservative politicians and even their families.

This is what passes for news analysis. Biased, unsupported, sometimes hateful, opinion is the order of the day. It is worse now than it ever has been and the general public does nothing to change it. They are entertained by it. It actually will in the short term boost ratings, and MSNBC really needs any kind of boost it can get.

The average American has access to more information today than at any other time in history. It is instantly at our fingertips 24/7. Why don’t we avail ourselves of the remarkable capabilities inherent in the internet? Why don’t we do our own research and come to our own informed decisions? I guess it’s just too easy the other way. We are lazy and continually desire to be entertained.

It takes an effort to do the research. It takes an effort to find out for yourself.

But I will say this; if people had done the research on 2006-2008; Obama wouldn’t have been elected so easily.

Oh, and with apologies to all thosed named Richard; yes … he is a Dick.


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