The man behind the curtain …

In 2006 a young man I was working with started telling everyone within earshot about the guy Obama. He praised him as one would the messiah. Within a month he started wearing teeshirts with “Obama 08” in a variety of colors and designs. Remember this was 2006, not even close to the election year!

Since this seemed to be a growing cause; I started to do some research on this man, Obama. What I found was that there was very little to find about the man, who her was, where he came from, what he thought. There was nothing about our boy Barry that, to a rational mind, would make him “presidential” material. In fact most of the little I found showed him to be self serving, inexperienced, egotistical and very arrogant. The fact that there was not any mention of his actual life experience seemed very, very strange considering the amount of press he was starting to receive.


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