Shores of Tripoli (redux)

Tony Attanasio

‎”From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, we fight our
country’s battles, in the air, on land, and sea.”- Official Hymn of the
U.S. Marine Corps. Have you ever wondered what is Tripoli doing in our Marines’ official hymn? On this day, let us remember those who gave their lives that we might be
free from muslim terror!

Ambassador Thomas Jefferson had a wake up call the day he met with
muslim leaders. Thomas Jefferson asked why are muslims attacking American
ships when we are doing nothing to incite any form of violence. To his
shock, he recorded the following words spoken by the muslim ambassador Abd
Al-Rahman: “it was written in the Qur’an, that all Nations who should not
have acknowledged the authority of mohammad were sinners, that it was the
right and duty of every muslim to make war upon nonmuslims they could find
and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every
Muslim who should be slain in battle was believed to go to Paradise.”

Remember there was no Israel nation at this point and there was no American
military bases in Saudi Arabia to blame these muslim terrorist attacks. All
America wanted to do was to pass by the open seas and engage in fair trade.
Even liberal PBS McNeil/Lehrer reported one day on America’s first war by
President Thomas Jefferson against the muslim terrorists.

To the surprise of many in our modern liberal and libertarian false worlds,
our nation formed its first national Navy and united beyond individual
States to a national force, due to muslim terrorist attacks at the
foundational years of our nation. The founders of our nation believed that
we needed to be united against the threat of islamic terrorism or we would
fall as divided States. Muslims were terrorizing Americans by forcefully
boarding American ships and beheading our men and enslaving our women and
children. Americans were being sold in the open muslim market.

When they offered America an option to pay a nonmuslim tax of up to 1
million dollars per year so they would “allow” us to sail without their
attacks on our ships, sadly, John Adams agreed to pay the bribe according to
the European model of that day. At one point, up to 20% of our national
budget was dedicated to paying off muslim terrorists. Thomas Jefferson
argued that the more you pay a terrorist, the more he’ll demand. When he
became President, he called on our brave Marines and Navy to go overseas and
kick the butt of those muslim terrorists who were ruthlessly attacking our
American citizens. {Jefferson used the common colloquialism of his day for

Muslims made the grave mistake of believing that a small nation just formed
would not have the power to fight the muslim powers overseas. By the Grace
of God, The LORD granted our Marines and Navy great victories and the muslim
powers were forced to return several hundred American women children and
men. Unfortunately, our first treaty sadly stipulated that America would
agree to pay $60,000.00 for these “slaves”. President Jefferson tried to
call it “tribute” instead of “ransom”, but rightly, William Eaton remained
strongly opposed to the State Department diplomat Tobias Lear on this
important matter. By 1807, Muslims began to attack American ships once again
and terrorize our citizens abroad. In 1815, Commodores William Bainbridge
and Stephen Decatur led our military victories to force muslims to sign
ending all “nonmuslim” tax payments by the United States to faithful muslims
and that finally put a stop to the muslim attacks on our citizens for a long

However, Thomas Jefferson knew the danger of islam was not over. He secured
the great Naval Hero rear Admiral John Paul Jones to try to fight off the
muslims in Constantinople and return Constantinople to the Christians who
had been attacked by muslim ottoman forces and overtaken after several
hundred years of failed attempts by previous muslim rulers to attack the
peaceful Christians.

In an article on this important Naval officer, we read:

John Paul Jones, Father of The American Navy: he engaged in his most famous
battle: the Battle of Flamborough Head. The battle took place against the
British warship called the HMS Serapis. It was a long battle that Jones
nearly lost, but he continued to fight until the very end. His ship on fire
and sinking, he refused to give up. When the commander of the Serapis asked
him about surrendering, instead of giving the idea any thought, he quickly
replied with his famous line “I have not yet begun to fight!”

You can imagine the surprise of the British commander, seeing as the
American ship was already in a bad state. But Jones was true to his word,
he had not begun to fight. After uttering that reply, he was able to
overcome the enemy and actually captured the Serapis.

To illustrate the extent of the damage to the Bonhomme Richard, Jones’ crew
tried for almost two days to salvage their vessel, but it was in vain. it
was determined that the damage suffered during battle was too great and the
ship was left to sink. Jones took command of the Serapis and then made the
journey back to France. He was a hero in France and America, receiving
awards and titles for his valor.

BHO and Congressman Ellison ,Minn, claim T Jefferason was enlightened by Islam (always re writing history) and studied the Koran. Yes, he had a Koran, but read and learned from its Surahs that Muslims are told to attack when their enemy shows signs of weakness ( you know like in the sandox -let’s make nice and win their hearts and minds) and to retreat when the enemy shows strenght (you know like when the Israelis kick their asses). We need to follow T Jefferson’s mandates. He sent Marines into Tripoli and kicked the living crap out of the so called pirates. The US actually did not have a major problems with Muslims till 1979…Time for history to repeat itself. Probably will after 11/2012 when the clown prince and his court jesters are gone!


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