The Experts are Coming …

We have (I probably should say the main stream media has) created a whole new class of experts.  

This phenomenon is not exclusive to the United States.  In the UK, for instance,  the mother of a slain teenaged boy has been elevated to peerage solely on the basis of her loss and now pontificates on matters of police prejudice, teen violence and immigration and race.  

For incomprehensible and absurd reasons we seem to elevate the families and friends of people involved in and victims of tragedies to the status of experts on subjects they know NOTHING about beyond their own obvious prejudice.  

It’s sad that your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew got killed, maimed, injured, blinded, burnt, hanged, knifed, shot, or variously incapacitated.  I am truly sorry that it happened.  But that does NOT make you and expert on the law or its enforcement.  It does not make you an expert on immigration if you got jailed crossing the border illegally.  It does not make you an expert on the concept and definition of “self defense” if your relative gets himself killed by doing something DUMB.  It does NOT make you an expert on gun control and the constitution because someone in your family was gunned down.

 I respect your pain and grief.  I understand and empathize with you feelings of loss and anger.  BUT … you are no more an expert on any subject NOW than you were BEFORE any tragedy happened.  Further, nine times out of ten; you are being used by people who wish to exploit your tragedy to their own advantage.  Al Sharpton’s “National Action Network” would not exist and PROSPER with donations without people like you.  You are, for all intents and purposes, the product that he sells.


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