They control the vertical, they control the horizontal …

One World, Malaysia Air!

One World, Malaysia Air!

They know where it is; or at least have narrowed it down.

Further that have known for a while.

They know who did it.

They have been using this time to come up with a story that will justify what comes next.

These are terrorists. They are not “skyjackers”; although they certainly DID “skyjack” the plane. Nor are that “pirates”; although they have “pirated away” the plane.

Obviously they don’t seem to want the word used but these are TERRORISTS!

Next will come either: a ransom demand … probably NOT money OR them (WHOEVER THEY ARE) utilizing the plane itself (with OR without passengers) as some kind of WMD.  

EVERYONE is so furious about the NSA spying on us, but far worse is the fact that they can control all the information we are allowed to hear and see

We will NEVER really know what happened; even when it appears clear … “pay not attention to the man behind the curtain!”