Our sweet baby boy

Wow! I was reading this and I just had an epiphany!!! I think I’ve figured this little creep (he should pardon the expression) out.


This is how I see it.

This little bugger has a crush on someone in the military; so, he joins the Army to be with this guy.  The guy in question either does not want his attention at all (probably) or decides to break off the “relationship” after the enlistment and that leaves baby boy in the Army, in the lurch and out in the cold.

Baby boy Bradley is devastated.

So he’s pissed and wants out of the Army.  That does not happen; so he wants to get even.  If baby boy tries to get even with the guy who dumped him it would mean that he would NEVER be able to reconcile with the guy; so that won’t work.

Like most toddlers who possess only a “ME ME ME” outlook on life; our baby boy HAS TO GET EVEN WITH SOMEONE OR SOMETHING!!

So, taking a page from the current government philosophy; he decides to get even with the Army, the entire government and the world in general.  After all, baby boy KNOWS that he’s not to blame for his own misery and he certainly doesn’t want to blame his former lover so it only makes basic sense to blame the Army and America for his heartache.

Now this is where I have to connect some very disparate dots.  Some time and somewhere he is put in touch with ASSange (one hell of a creepy-ass cracka if I ever saw one).

Our baby boy was OBVIOUSLY “taken” with ASSange and probably was seduced by this well know manipulator of minds and data.

It’s never been mentioned (wouldn’t be PC) but I think there was a sexual component to the relationship between our baby boy and ASSange.  ASSange prides himself on and freely publicizes his sexual exploits having once expressed his intention to populate the world with his illegitimate progeny by screwing anything that breathes.

Now this was not an actual physical, sexual affair, but definitely a fantasy in our baby boy’s dreams.

I have come to the conclusion that our baby boy was sweet talked into giving ASSange everything he wanted.

These was no concern for anyone but himself. He didn’t do this in protest of ANYTHING.