The Sad (?) Tale of Flight 214

I have to say that this incident has really disturbed me in a most unusual sense.  When I first saw the screen shot with the list of “pilots” I thought it wasn’t real.  It was a VERY BAD JOKE.  Totally insensitive and callus; but, I am ashamed to admit … funny.  I laughed out loud and then immediately felt guilty for laughing and finding humor in such a horror.  
The next episode in the saga was finding out that it was actually true.  Some really dumb news reader actually sat at the desk and read that copy … ALOUD!  Then to be corrected by a Tweet telling them to actually LOOK at the copy.  Then the TV station comes up with the excuse that someone at NTSB confirmed the list (they never, however, say where the piece originated).
So I’m sitting there laughing on the verge of crying over the idea that this San Francisco, obviously dufus station wants me to believe that the NTSB, the very Federal Agency (please note the strategic use and placement of capital letters) that is charged with investigating transportation mishaps and tragedies in all transport modes and methods on land sea and air throughout the USA and its territories would ridicule and demean the victims of this crash with racial slurs.  
Oh no … not the NTSB!  They wouldn’t do that.  My laughter had reached a grand guffaw stage and I was on the verge of a spasm and then immediately felt guilty for laughing and finding humor in such a horror.  
The final chapter (final by virtue of the fact that I refuse to read anymore about it tonight) brings us to the NTSB representative who makes the statement that: yes, the list did in fact come from them but was released to the press by an INTERN (a nonperson who happened to be standing in front of the bus when it started up or, alternatively, an irreverent wag who obviously has a future in political comedy) who had no authority to speak to the press at all.  (My guess is the comedy option is the way to go.)
So here I sit.  Am I pondering the immensity of the horrible incident: the horror of the crash itself, the frantic escape from the burning fuselage, the first responder running over and killing one of the helpless victims, the scarcity of ambulances and the interminable amount of time it took for them to get there, people laying on the ground waiting, the flames, the foam, the pain, the deaths; all of it?  Am I moved to tears for these events?  
Yes there are tears in my eyes.  However, perhaps attesting to my own lack of sympathy … empathy … humanity …, I have tears in my eyes because I am laughing so hard.
The sad thing is that now whenever I hear any mention of Flight 214 I find it almost impossible not to laugh and then immediately feel guilty for laughing and finding humor in such a horror.  So, can I excuse myself by saying:  well, only a couple of people died … it could have been much worse?  That’s true of course.  Can I pass it of as an example of all that is WRONG with the so many things in the world?  It does speak volumes about all kinds of underlying problems with MSM, the NTSB, San Francisco and the idea of letting a trainee land the damn plane in the first place.
I amazes me how bad I feel about laughing … really bad, guilty …really guilty.
Really … but it is funny.